Create Events in the Bookinger WordPress plugin

The Events post type in the Bookinger plugin allows for creating a list of events to display them in the calendar.

To create a new event

Go to the Dashboard>Bookinger>Events and press Add New

Add new event

Fill in the following fields:

Event color

Using the color picker, specify the color identifier of the current event that will be displayed in your calendar.

Event color picker
Event color in the calendar
Event image

Select an event image from the media library or upload it from URL.

Upload event images
Event description

A text field for entering a description of the current event.

Event website

Enter the site link of the current event.

Repeated event

The toggle enables the repeated period for the current event. The option allows you to specify the date and time of the event repetition.

Repeated event settings
  • Repeated period – select a repeat period for the event: Every day, Every month, Every year.
  • From day/Till day – select in the calendar from and to which day the event will be repeated.
  • From/Till – select the repeated time.
Start date/End date

Specify the start and end date/time of the current event. The fields are available when the “Repeated event” option is disabled.

Date and time of the event
Event with speaker

The toggle to add Speaker to the current event. All available Speakers will be displayed in a list where you can select one. Create a new Speaker via Dashboard>Bookinger>Speakers.

Add a speaker to the event
Paid event

The toggle to make the event paid. When the option is enabled you can enter the price and currency.

Paid event settings

Show the event on the page

Once the events are created you can categorize them via Bookinger>Category to show on the calendar or as cards on your site pages using widgets Event calendar, Event cards or Event time period cards.

Select event categories in the widget settings to display on the page.

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