Xchain NFT Marketplace template

Xchain is a neoteric and well-designed NFT Marketplace template built on pure React. With this highly customizable template that includes reusable components, you can get your perfect app or website for NFT Marketplace, crypto-collectibles, digital items, non-fungible tokens websites and other money-making directions in e-commerce.

Together with the unique and eye-catching design, you get excellent template performance in terms of loading speed, which is achieved through “lazy loading” and automatic code splitting. The Xchain comes with a ready-to-use authorization functionality via Google and Facebook and you can add many other types of accounts to log in with. Also, it includes a bundle of cool and useful components to meet all your requirements.

Unique Design
Unique Design
Material UI
Material UI
Designed for NTF
Designed for NTF
W3C Quality Marked Code
W3C Quality Marked Code
Fully Responsive Layouts
Fully Responsive Layouts
Premium Support
Premium Support
Perfectly Organized Code
Perfectly Organized Code
Instant Bug Fixes
Instant Bug Fixes
Completely Cross-Browser Layout
Completely Cross-Browser Layout

The template designed for NTF products, digital items and similar things includes a variety of special sections and components necessary for this topic like Best Sellers, Brands Image Carousel, products catalog with an advanced filter, Author page, Ticker, Team pages, Ranking, Hero Products Carousel, Brands Image Carousel, etc.

Innovative technologies and libraries were used for the template development, as well as the best practices for developing React templates. The high quality of the code makes the whole template absolutely cross-browser and cross-platform – on all devices and in all browsers, the design looks perfect.

Frameworks and Libraries

  • MaterialUI
  • MUI X-Data-Grid
  • react-spring
  • react-google-maps
  • Lottie
  • react-animated-text-content
  • react-calendar
  • react-countdown
  • react-fast-marquee
  • react-headroom
  • react-hook-form
  • react-number-format
  • react-select
  • react-stickynode
  • react-toastify
  • react-truncate
  • react-use
  • react-youtube
  • reactjs-social-login
  • styled-components
  • swiper

Features of Xchain NFT Marketplace Template

  • Pure React user interface
  • Reusable components
  • Perfect for SEO
  • High loading speed
  • Ready-to-use authorization via Google and Facebook
  • W3C quality marked code
  • Built-in accessibility tools
  • Perfectly accessibility test scores
  • Code-splitting
  • Tree-shaking
  • Used modern best practices in code
  • Fully cross-browser code
  • Totally SEO optimized
  • Perfectly organized code
  • Next generation CSS and JS practices
  • Special and unique widgets
  • Rich flexible typography
  • Ready for iOS and Android devices
  • Incredible softly responsive layouts
  • Designed and developed in the heart of the bravery
  • Lifetime updates and bug fixing
  • Detailed quick start guide for newbies
  • 6 months of premium support for ThemeForest buyers

Read more about how to get started with the Xchain NFT Marketplace Template in the Online Documentation.

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