WordPress Plugin/Theme status

On the status tab, you can view the current status of the Server and WordPress environment. WordPress Plugin status tab provides complete information about all the necessary parameters of the plugin. Some plugins may have specific requirements for hosting and the modules activated on it. You can find out about such requirements in the status tab.

System requirements

The system requirements table shows the current settings of your server and compliance with the recommended plugin settings.

WordPress Plugin status - System requirements
WordPress Plugin System requirements

If some parameter does not correspond to the recommended, you will see a message on how to fix this. Most of our plugins can work even if one or more of the settings does not match the recommended ones. However, we recommend you follow the recommended settings.

Environment WordPress

This table contains information about WordPress plugin status and WordPress settings. A support staff member may need some of it if you ask for help.


The changelog describes all the changes made to the plugin for each version.
The changelog is updated automatically, so you can see if a new version of the plugin has been released right on the status tab. Green color indicates all new functionality and all changes added to the plugin. Orange color indicates corrections and changes affecting the existing features of the plugin.

You can also monitor plugin changes on the plugins page on CodeCanyon

You may be interested in learning about other tabs in the plugin settings. Learn more about the Assignment Tab, Uninstall Tab, and the Activation Tab.


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