WordPress plugin activation

You can activate your copy of the plugin in the WordPress plugin activation tab. Activation of the plugin allows you to use all the functionality of the plugin on your site. In addition, in some cases, activating the plugin allows you to access additional features and capabilities of the plugin. Also, using an authored version of the plugin, you can be sure that you will not violate the license.


Envato license terms allow you to activate the plugin on only one website. Buy multiple licenses if you need to activate the plugin on multiple sites.

You should activate the plugin after installing the plugin on your WordPress website. To activate the plugin, you need the plugin purchase code, which you can get on the Downloads page in your profile on CodeCanyon. Learn more about how to get the code. Learn more about How to find your purchase code.

WordPress plugin activation - Purchase code text field
Purchase code input

Paste your activation code into the field with the name CodeCanyon purchase code and click on the checkmark button or Save changes button. Your code will be checked and saved in the plugin settings. On the side, you will see an inscription that your copy of the plugin is activated.

WordPress plugin activation - Plugin activated message
Plugin activated

There are several reasons why the purchase code may not work on your site. Learn more about why your Purchase Code is not working.

You may be interested in learning about other tabs in the plugin settings. Learn more about the Assignment Tab, Uninstall Tab, and the Status Tab.

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