Weäre Shopify theme Customizer Overview

Start theme customization

Click Customize to edit the theme

Code/Content editor

To view information about the current theme, click on the three dots in the top left corner. There are available links for editing code, content, viewing pages, documentation and support.

Theme Pages list

At the top in the middle, there is a list of theme pages that you can switch and edit in the Customizer.

Right sidebar

The right sidebar contains a browser inspector, a view of the page on different devices(mobile, desktop) and a save button.

Left sidebar

In the left sidebar are all the sections used on the current page. To add a new section, click the “Add section” button. To manage the section settings, you only need to click on the required section and all settings will appear on the right side of the page.

Global theme options

Click on the wheel icon on the left toolbar to edit global theme settings to be applied to all pages.

Add extention

Click on the highlighted icon on the left toolbar to add the new extension to the page.

Customizer Exit

Once you have made all the changes, do not forget to press Save in the right sidebar and then Exit the customizer through the top left menu icon.

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