Use Widget plugin for widget assignments

The widget assignments are useful for any type of site: Blog, Portfolio, Corporate Website, eCommerce Project, Creative Agency, Real Estate Listing, a Restaurant, Retail Company. For example, if on Black Friday you always make a special offer of your store for the subscribers, you can assign the display of the block with the info every year on this date for a special audience automatically. Even if you would like a website block to change with the changing seasons of the year, this is also easy to do with the help of the Widget Manager.

Once you have activated the plugin and check the settings, you can start working with widget assignments.

Go to Appearance>Widgets and click Manage in the settings of a specific widget.

Widget management button

Widget Assignments Modal Window contains the options

Same as other widget

The option allows you to apply the assignment of another widget to the current one. For this, switch to “Yes” and select the existing widget to copy settings. Switch to “Opposite” to get the settings opposite to the settings of the selected widget.

Matching Method

Select “All” if you want the widget to be displayed when all the specified rules are met. Select “ANY” if you want the widget to be displayed when at least one of the rules is met.

The list of available assignment rules:

  • WordPress Content – include or exclude the page types or categories where the widget should be displayed. leave “Ignore” if you don’t need to use this option.
  • Home Page – include or exclude the widget display on the homepage. leave “Ignore” if you don’t need to use this option.
  • Menu Items – include or exclude the menu item page to assign to. To manage menu items, go to Appearance>Menus. leave “Ignore” if you don’t need to use this option.
  • Date & Time – select a specific date and time or period to assign the widget. The toggle Recurring allows applying the date range every year.
  • Seasons – include or exclude the astronomical season of the year to assign to. Select the hemisphere your website is located in. Options: Northern, Southern, Australia.
  • Months – include or exclude months to assign to.
  • Days of the week – include or exclude the days of the week to assign to.
  • Languages – select the languages to assign to. It is useful for multilingual sites and allows a selection of multiple languages.
  • User Roles – include or exclude the user groups to assign to.
  • URL – The URL assignments allows control over specific pages or groups of pages, with support for Regular Expressions. Enter (part of) the URLs to match. Use a new line for each different match.
  • Devices – include or exclude the devices to assign to. Keep in mind that device detection is not always 100% accurate. Users can setup their device to mimic other devices. Options: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile.
  • Operating Systems – include or exclude the operating systems to assign to. Keep in mind that operating system detection is not always 100% accurate. Users can setup their browser to mimic other operating systems.
  • Browsers – include or exclude the browsers to assign to. Keep in mind that browser detection is not always 100% accurate. Users can setup their browser to mimic other browsers.
  • IP Addresses – a comma and/or enter a separated list of IP addresses and IP ranges.
  • Custom PHP – this gives you the opportunity to assign to just about anything you can think of. You just need to know what PHP code you should use. With PHP you can call on all data/information available in the variables, url, database, etc. And then do your checks on this data. You can tell the control the display by ending the PHP code with a return true or false based on your checks. For examples and ready-to-use PHP scripts, check out the PHP Assignment Guide.

Widget Shortcode

In addition to the widget assignment functionality, the Widget Manager generates a shortcode for each widget to add it to any website place. Once you add a new widget to a position a specific shortcode is generated and displayed in the settings. Copy it and paste to a page.


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