Use the Logger widget to add a changelog

The Logger(called “Changelog” in the Selection pack) is a changelog creating a widget for the Elementor Builder. The widget allows you to create a nice and clear list of changes for any product easier and taking into account all the requirements.

For further work, you need the Elementor to be installed on your site. You can download it from

Open or create a page using Elementor and drag the widget to a page using the Elementor editor to start customizing. In the left pane of the editors, you can customize the widget to the style of your site. Each of the tabs presented a specific group of settings:

Content Tab

On the Content tab of the Logger Elementor widget, you can manage section title and list of changes in your changelog, add/remove the items.

“Title” Section

The section contains settings related to the block title of the changelog:

Title Settings of the Content Tab
Title Settings of the Content Tab


Enter the name of the block to display above the list of a changelog.


The link entered in this field will be attached to the title. Leave the field blank if you do not want to add a link for the title.

HTML tag

Select one of the available tags from the list for the title text. Depending on the selected tag, the text display style will be changed. These tags also help to make your page more SEO friendly.


Manage title alignment( justify, left, center, right ) for desktop, tablet or mobile.

“Changelog” Section

Add, copy or remove list items of changelog in one click.

Changelog section

How to create a new list item?

To add a new item, hit “Add Item” and get a new row with several fields for customization.

A new item of the list


Type – list of change types. There are 6 types available: added, fixed, changed, removed, updated, deprecated. A label with the type name displays before the description.

Description – field to describe the change.

Style Tab

On the styles tab, you can configure everything related to the visual style of elements: colors, backgrounds, gradients, padding, margins, borders, and more.

“Title” Section

There are many options in the section to change the style of the title and create your own design.


Specify the font color and opacity for the text of the current block using the color picker.

Font color settings of the Logger


This group of settings controls everything about typography: font-size, font-weight, and other parameters.

Typography settings
Typography settings in the Logger

Text shadow

This setting creates a shadow from the text and it can be adjusted according to your needs specifying color, blur, horizontal and vertical shift.

Text shadow settings of the Logger

Blend mode

Blend mode for text and shadow of the title.
You can choose from the list:

  • Normal
  • Multiply
  • Screen
  • Overlay
  • Darken
  • Lighten
  • Color-dodge
  • Saturation
  • Color
  • Difference
  • Exclusion
  • Hue
  • Luminosity


This setting allows managing the margin of the block in different units(px, em, %) for desktop, tablets or phones.

Margin settings in the Logger


This setting allows managing the padding of the block in different units(px, em, %) for desktop, tablets or phones.

Padding settings in the Logger

Background Type

This setting changes the background of the current section. You can choose a color, gradient, or background image.

Border Type

Select one of the available border types (solid, double, dotted, dashed, groove) for the current block and adjust the width, color, and radius according to your needs. Pick “None” to remove the border.

Title border types of the Logger

“Changelog” Section

The section includes settings regarding basic styles of the whole list of the changelog.

The area for which the styles of the changelog section are applied

“Changelog Item” Section

The section includes settings regarding the styles of the changelog list items.

Changelog list items of Logger

“Changelog Type” Section

The section includes settings regarding the general styles of the labels with changes type. Here you can manage the size, typography, padding, etc.

Changelog types labels of the Logger

Type size

Set labels width for all devices or separately for desktop, tablet or mobile.

Changelog type size setting of the Logger

Border radius

The option allows you to adjust the border-radius for all types, but to select the border type, go to settings of a specific type.

“Changelog Description” Section

The section includes settings regarding the styles of the item description. Here you can manage the color, typography, padding, etc.

Item description of the changelog

Sections of individual settings for “Added type”, “Fixed type”, “Changed type”, “Removed type”, “Updated type”, “Deprecated type”

Separate style settings are available for each label type. You can set a specific icon, color or background for each type.


Choose any icon for a particular type label from the existing icon library or upload your own.

Icon library of the Logger plugin

Icon Position

Select one of three positions for displaying the icon.

Icon position of the Logger plugin

Please note that you can adjust the border-radius in the “Changelog Type” Section

Advanced Tab

The settings in the advanced tab Logger Elementor widget allow you to flexibly configure everything that relates to the design of the plug-in wrapper. The settings on this tab are entirely similar to the native Elementor widgets and will be convenient for experienced users of the Elementor. Learn more about Advanced Tab settings from Elmentor’s official documentation.

Save changes

Do not forget to save changes after completing the widget setup. To do this, click on the Update button at the bottom of the page.

Update page in the Elementor
Update page in the Elementor

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