Upload and Replacing Images in Figma

You can also apply an Image to an existing shape via the Color Picker. You will need to have the Image downloaded to your computer to upload it.

Upload an Image

  1. Select or create the shape in the Canvas.
  2. Click on the Fill swatch in the Properties Panel. This will option the Color Picker

  3. Click on the Fill mode and select Image from the options: 

  4. A placeholder image of black and white checks will be applied to the shape. Click the Choose image button in the preview: 

  5. Select the Image from your computer and click Open to apply.
  6. The Image will be added to your shape as a Fill.

    Tip! We display static Images as Image in the Fill section of the Properties Panel. We display animated GIFs as GIF in the Properties Panel.

Replace Image Fills

If you already have an Image applied to a shape as a Fill, you can replace the Image you’ve used.

This will keep any Fill mode settings you’ve applied, including any cropping or positioning.

There are a few ways to do this:

  • Drag the Image file over the Image Preview in the Fill modal:

  • Drag the Image file over the Fill in the Properties Panel:

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