UnGrabber WordPress Plugin Settings

UnGrabber is a tool that allows you to protect all content from your site from being copied. The plugin completely blocks all existing methods of copying such as the right-click menu, hotkeys, developer’s tools, selection and dragging, and much more.

To open the plugin settings in the WordPress Sidebar menu go to Settings -> UnGrabber

UnGrabber WordPress Plugin Settings
UnGrabber Settings

General Settings

Disable Select All

This setting blocks the selection of all content by hotkeys Ctrl+A (Windows and Linux) / ⌘+A (macOS)

Disable Copy

Protect content from being copied by hotkeys Ctrl+C (Windows and Linux) / ⌘+C (macOS)

Disable Cut

Protect content from being copied by hotkeys Ctrl+X (Windows and Linux) / ⌘+X (macOS)

Disable Paste

Disable Paste hotkeys Ctrl+V (Windows and Linux) / ⌘+V (macOS)

Disable Save

Blocks web page saving by hotkeys Ctrl+S (Windows and Linux) / ⌘+S (macOS)

Disable View Source

Blocks viewing of the page source code by hotkeys Ctrl+U (Windows and Linux) / ⌘+U (macOS)

Disable Print Page

Protects the page from printing by hotkeys Ctrl+P (Windows and Linux) / ⌘+P (macOS)

Disable Developer Tool

Disable to view the source code of the page in browser Developer Tools by hotkeys Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows and Linux) / ⌘+⌥+I (macOS)

Disable Right Click

Protect content from being grabbed by right-click menu(Browser Context Menu)

Disable Text Selection

Disable text highlight (text selection) by mouse

Disable Image Dragging

Protects against image theft by dragging

JavaScript Required

Displays JS off message, to protect your website with JavaScript Displays

JavaScript Required Message

Message text displayed when JS is disabled. This message supports HTML markup.


By selecting the specific assignments you can limit where progress bar should or shouldn’t be published. To have it published on all pages, simply do not specify any assignments.

If all of the assignments are set to Ignore, that progress bar will show up on all pages.
The progress bar will be limited to the pages matching those assignments after set one or more of the assignments to Include or Exclude.

Assignments have 3 states:

  • Ignore (Default)
  • Include
  • Exclude

By default the assignments are ignored, meaning the progress bar is not limited by assignments. To use an assignment, set the option to Include or Exclude depending on the desired effect.
If you set an assignment to Exclude, the progress bar is assigned to all pages that do not match that assignment.

Matching Method


Will be published if ALL of below assignments are matched.


Will be published if ANY (one or more) of below assignments are matched.
Assignment groups where Ignore is selected will be ignored.

WordPress Content


Select on what page types the assignment should be active.


Select on which pages the assignment should be active.


Select the categories to assign.

Home Page

This will match the real home page.

Menu Items


Select the menu items to assign to.

User Roles

User roles

Customizes the work of the plugin for different groups of users.



Enter (part of) the URLs to match. Use a new line for each different match.

Save Changes

Do not forget to click Save Changes after changing plugin settings. After clicking this button, the settings will be saved and applied to all pages of the website.