Tube: Release notes


Vimeo Background mode is integrated with Vimeo single video mode
Twitch video renamed to Twitch video & collection
Added Background checkbox for Vimeo player
Added Plays inline checkbox for Vimeo player
Added Speed checkbox for Vimeo player
Added Transparent player checkbox for Vimeo player
Added Collections for Twitch video player
Added video URL to WebM, OGG players
Twitch channel player updated
Twitch video player updated
Fixed click to play/pause for MP4, WebM, OGG
Fixed Autoplay for Vimeo single
Fixed error before initialization Vimeo player


Vimeo background secure connection bug fixed


Twitch API updated


Disable Vimeo multiple mode


Improved work with breakpoints of all types of players
For MP4/Web/OGG players added new settings


Added Vimeo Multiple video player
Added background video parallax
For MP4, WebM and OGG added option disable download icon and ability to play the video by URL
For most video players changed the script display placeholder image and added option “Click to start”


Twitch broadcast and videos
YouTube broadcasts
Added autoplay on the touch screen for YouTube and Twitch players
Volume settings for all players


Widget settings become easier
No longer need a unique id for each video
Choose the video quality for YouTube
Autopause function for Vimeo videos
Playback time control for Vimeo and YouTube videos
Mute mode is now available for all Vimeo videos
From now you can use preload images
Added screenshots of the settings of all the demo pages


Added another version responsive player. Now, when a decrease in the browser/screen sizes – the video will be reduced in width and height.


Added Vimeo video player
Added more options for YouTube single video player
Added more options for YouTube playlist player

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