Trigger the accessibility settings via button/menu/link

The Readabler plugin allows you to open the accessibility windows settings through the regular menu item, custom button, link, or other content elements.

Trigger the windows via the WordPress menu item.

Step 1.

Go to Appearance>Menus and select the menu in which you want to create an item to call the window settings.

Step 2.

Make sure that the CSS Classes option is enabled in the Screen elements via Screen Options.

CSS Classes on the Screen elements

Step 3.

Add a menu item for Accessibility settings to the menu and paste the .readabler-trigger class to the CSS Classes field.

Adding Readabler class to the menu item

Trigger the windows via the custom button or link.

You can add the trigger of the window with settings for any button or link on the site using the class:


The example of the custom button trigger:

<button class="readabler-trigger"> Accessibility button </button>

The example of the custom link trigger:

<a class="readabler-trigger" href="#"> Accessibility button </a>

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