Start with the Opinioner WordPress plugin

Opinioner WordPress Plugin allows you to ask questions to readers of articles and evaluates the answers. In this article, you will learn how to install and configure the plugin. And also, how to create and publish your first poll.

Installing Opinioner WordPress Plugin

To install the plugin, read the article Installing WordPress Plugin. Installing the plugin takes only a few seconds.

To open the plugin settings slick Settings below plugin name on the plugins page

Opinioner plugin
Opinioner plugin

, or click Opinioner -> Settings in the WordPress side-menu

Opinioner settings
Opinioner settings

Configuring the plugin

Opinioner already has initial settings allowing you to use it without additional configuration. So you can skip this step if you want to create voting immediately.


A color selector that determines what color the graph and voting slider will be.

Message before vote

This message will be displayed before the user votes. This message will be hidden immediately after the user has shifted the voting slider in any direction.

Message after vote

This message will be shown after the user votes and is hidden after 3 seconds.

Social share buttons

After selecting several checkmarks, links to the selected social networks will appear in the lower-left part of the voting block.


The smoothness of the graph can be adjusted using this setting. The higher this number, the smoother the graph curve will be.

Smoothness = 2
Smoothness = 2
Smoothness = 16
Smoothness = 100

Smoothness parameter can also be used to increase the weight of each voice. The recommendation is that if you expect a lot of voters, put a number less. If you expect fewer votes, set a large smooth.

Save Changes

Do not forget to click Save Changes after changing plugin settings. After clicking this button, the settings will be saved and applied to all pages of the website.

Create the first vote

To create a new poll, go to Opinioner -> Add New Opinion


Each Opinioner vote block must have a headline, this is required.


The text entered in the excerpt box will be displayed under the title of the vote. We recommend using this field to describe the vote. This is optional and may be left blank.


The text that will be indicated under the voting slider and will be attached to the leftmost and rightmost positions of the slider.


The text that will be indicated under the voting slider and will be attached to the leftmost and rightmost positions of the slider.

Opinioner WordPress plugin voting graph in the wp-admin area
The voting graph in the wp-admin area

Voting status

Voting can have two statuses. By default, voting is open, but it can be closed using the selector in this block.


When you click the preview button, you can see how the vote will look with the selected styles and texts

Opinion image

For each opinion, you can add a picture. A picture will be displayed above the voting title.

Save changes

Do not forget to click the Update button to save all changes made on this page.

You can view and change all created opinions by clicking on the link Opinioner -> All Opinions

Adding the Opinioner vote to a post/page or widget position

In the voting table next to the name of the vote, you will see the name of the shortcode. Copy the shortcode to the clipboard and go to the page where you want to add this vote.

Opinioner shortcode
Opinioner shortcode

If you use the default WordPress editor, then find Shortcode from the blocks library. And paste the copied shortcode into this block.

In other editors and page builders, like Elementor, Visual Composer, etc., this step is done similarly. You need to select an element that allows you to paste the shortcode, and then paste the contents of the clipboard into it.

Save changes

Do not forget to click the Publish… or Update button to save all changes made on this page.

After these actions, the plugin will begin to collect the opinions of people, and you can follow the results from the front end or the site admin panel.


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