Speaker metabox options in a post edit page

Once you have activated the Speaker and selected the post types you will work via Speaker>Post Types, you can go to the page editor to find the Speaker block with different settings.

Speaker metabox
Content tab

The content tab allows you to add/edit custom speech templates and manage speech templates. Also here you can create an audio file for the current page as on other tabs.

Voice tab

By default, the voice and language selected in the Speech Synthesis settings or specified in the Multilingual settings are applied to all posts. To change the language or/and voice for a specific post you can use the Voice tab in the post editor.

Voice setting for specific page/post
File tab

The File tab allows you to use a custom audio file for the current page instead of the one generated by the Speaker. Select a file from your media library or specify its URL.

This tab also allows you to download the audio file generated by the plugin by clicking on an icon at the top left.

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