Shelly FAQ issues with install demo content on premium account doesn’t allow you to upload your own themes (you’re stuck with what’s available for free or in their marketplace) so in order to use any of the awesome themes on the marketplace, you’ll need to get yourself a self-hosted installation of WordPress.

We will try to make as most features possible compatible but they have so many limitations for plugins that are not suggested to use it.

Installation failed with message: The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. 

Please make sure you are trying to install the correct package. Unzip the downloaded archive from ThemeForest and find the correct installation package in the “Theme” folder.

Link has expired message in WordPress?

Check this articles:

So this usually happens because of the small upload_max_size configuration on the server and is easy to solve. You can also extract the theme directly on the server CPanel file manager into the folder “wp-content\themes\” instead of uploading via a dashboard.

This sometimes happens in WordPress, not related to a theme, Clear your browser cache and cookies or use another browser / PC.

Also use the clean latest WordPress version, because some third-party plugins can also cause issues.

Get “Sorry you are not allowed to access this page”

Check above, similar to link has expired.

Also, check your PHP version, must be min. 5.6 or above.

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