Share buttons widget settings for Elementor

Get your Elementor share buttons just in a few clicks and manage the design to suit your needs. The Sharinger plugin comes with various button View types, Skins and Shapes. You can specify the number of columns for different devices to make it look good on different screens. With flexible widget settings, you can get both the official color style of social icons and custom ones.

For further work, you need Elementor to be installed on your site. You can download it from

Open or create a page using Elementor and drag the widget to a page using the Elementor editor to start customizing. In the left pane of the editors, you can customize the widget to the style of your site. Each of the tabs presented a specific group of settings:

Content Tab

In the Content section, you can manage the basic settings of the Share buttons widget such as View, Skin, Shape, Columns, etc.

Share buttons

To add a new button, click “Add Item” and select one of the available item types: FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, Digg, Skype, StumbleUpon, Telegram, PocketXING, WhatsApp, Email, Print.

Add new share buttons
  • Button Content Horizontal Alignment/Button Content Vertical Alignment specify the button content alignment (left, center, right).
  • Buttons Alignment – specify the button alignment (left, center, right) for different devices
  • View – select one of the available view modes: Icon & Text, Icon, Text.
  • Skin – select one of the available button skins: Gradient, Minimal, Framed, Boxed Icon, Flat
  • Shape – select the shape of the buttons displaying: Square, Rounded or Circle.
  • Columns – specify the number of columns to display buttons for different devices.
  • Target URL – specify the target URL: Current Page or enter the Custom link.
  • Hover Animation – select one of the available button hover animations: Push, Pop, Bounce In, Bounce Out, Rotate, Grow Rotate, Float, Sink, Bob, Hang, Skew Forward, Skew Backward, Wobble To Bottom Right, Wobble To Top Right, Wobble Top, Wobble Bottom, Wobble Skew, Buzz, Buzz Out.
Share buttons settings
Share buttons settings

Style tab

On the styles tab of the Share buttons player widget, you can configure everything related to the visual style of elements: button and icon sizes, colors, typography, borders, shadow and more.

Advanced Tab

The settings in the advanced tab of the Share buttons widget allow you to flexibly configure everything that relates to the design of the plug-in wrapper. The settings on this tab are entirely similar to the native Elementor widgets and will be convenient for experienced users of the Elementor. Learn more about Advanced Tab settings from Elmentor’s official documentation.

Save changes

Do not forget to save changes after completing the widget setup. To do this, click on the Update button at the bottom of the page.

Update page in the Elementor
Update page in the Elementor

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