Selection Elementor Pack Installation

The Selection Elementor Pack has already included widgets, each of which was carefully designed as a separate item and loved by our users. This is a godsend when developing your site as it contains many useful, frequently used elements and relieves the need to choose between one or another. At the same time, this will help to achieve the desired effect regardless of your skills and save your time and costs.

For further work, you need the Elementor to be installed on your site. You can download it from

To open the plugin settings in the WordPress Sidebar menu go to Selection.

Selection Menu Item

In the plugin settings, there are several tabs responsible for various groups of plugin settings:


The section for managing the loading and display of the Elementor widgets in the editor and on the site. Just enable/ the items via the toggles to be used on the pages of your site.

To add the widget on the site open or create a page using Elementor and drag the required widget to a page using the Element editor to start customizing. In the left pane of the editors, you can customize the widget to the style of your site. Each of the tabs presented a specific group of settings.

Click the link for a specific widget listed below to view its settings:

Basic Widgets

Button, Heading, Animated icon, Timeline, Countdown, Text highlight, Animated heading, Carousel, Image box, Slider, Circle Progress Bar, Line Progress bar, Semicircle Progress Bar

Content Widgets

Code, Masked Image, Reviews, Masked Video, Changelog, Price table, Tabs, Animated images, FAQs, Testimonials, Business Hours, Contact Form 7, Modal Popup

Blog Widgets

Author box, Ticker, Grid

Charts Widgets

LineBarPieDonutGaugeDotsBi-polar LineBi-polar BarMultiline BarStacked BarAreaHoles.

Float Navigation, Menu, Mega Menu, Scroll to Top, Site Logo, Breadcrumbs

Integrations Widgets

Google Maps, Open Weather, Google street view.

Woocommerce Widgets

Discount coupons, Product Images, Product Stock, Add To Cart, Custom Add To Cart, Product Rating, Product Data Tabs, Product Meta, Product Short Description, Product Additional Information, Product Price, Product Title


Some of the provided widgets use Integrated resources and require API keys to be entered. The section has fields for entering your own API keys.

  • Google Maps API key – keys are required for widgets Google Maps, Google street view. Visit Online Documentation to get your own API.
  • OpenWeather Key – keys are required for widgets Open Weather. You can create key by clicking on the link Open Weather
  • WooCommerce Consumer key – enter your Consumer key for the Grid widget. Visit Online Documentation for more details.
  • WooCommerce Consumer secret – enter your Consumer secret for the Grid widget. Visit Online Documentation for more details.


The Selection Elementor Pack plugin provides the shortcodes generation feature for templates which allows you to use them on any page of your site.

To generate a shortcode go to Templates>Saved Templates and Add or Import a template. Once the template is created the selection shortcode will be generated and displayed in the templates list.

Copy shortcode to add the template on a page.
step 1

Go to Templates>Saved Templates and Add or Import a template. Once the template is created click “Edit” to get a regular page editor of the current template.

Edit the template
step 2

The editor of the current template appears. The Position block will be available in the right sidebar where you can select the display position on the template including the header or footer.

Select the template position
step 3

Assign the template display to specific pages via the Display condition block settings. If you want to display the current template on all pages set all options to Ignore. Read more about the assignment settings in the documentation.

Display condition settings

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