Progressive algorithm Rules of the DeBlocker plugin

The Progressive algorithm combines different methods of other algorithms and has additional options for more flexible configuration. This algorithm is based on our 3 years of experience in detecting the blocker, as well as feedback received from our customers regarding the work of the plugin on sites with different loads and environments. We recommend using this algorithm over other algorithms, because it gives great flexibility and allows you to almost completely hide the plugin code from blockers.

The Progressive algorithm is only available after activating the plugin with a purchase key.


The algorithm uses different rules for determining the blocking of advertising scripts. It allows you to manage the rules that will be applied by the DeBlocker. This can be useful if you want to exclude blocking by some rule.

  • Request error – checks whether an error was received in response to a Request to an advertising script.
  • Request abort – checks whether the request to the advertising script was aborted
  • Request type – checks whether the response type is correct in response to a Request to an advertising script
  • Request URL – checks whether URLs are correct in response to a Request to an advertising script
  • Request body – checks the correctness of the body content in response to the Request to the advertising script
  • Request redirect – checks whether the Request to the main script has been redirected
  • Script tag – checks whether an attempt to add a script tag for an advertising script was blocked

We recommend using all the rules, but you can choose the set of rules that are most suitable for your site. To learn more about the rules, please contact our support team for advice on settings.

How to find out which rule is applied on a page

To prevent the DeBlocker from working for certain cases, you can exclude a specific rule. For this, you need to check which rule applies to the current page.

Step 1

Go to DeBlocker>Behaviour and enable Debug mode.

Debug mode option
Step 2

Visit the page where the Deblocker window is displayed and open Development Tools>Console and find the rule name that applies to the current page.

step 3

Go to DeBlocker>General>Rules and exclude the applied rule if you do not want the DeBlocker to be used for this case.


An important setting of this algorithm is the Keyword (key phrase) – this is a unique string that, using special functions, will be converted into a hash and used as a key for the plugin code. This key allows you to hide the plugin code from ad blockers.

Note: The keyword is not a password and does not need to be remembered or written down or stored somewhere safe.

However, for sites with high popularity, we recommend regularly changing the keys to increase the secrecy of the DeBlocker code. To do this, you can enable the Random keywords setting which will automatically create a new keyword every 24 hours. Enabling this feature may not be compatible with strict caching settings.

Script location

This option allows you to select where the plugin script will be located. You can place the plugin script as a separate file in your uploads, plugins, themes, or in the root directory of your site. However, make sure that the security settings on your site (as well as the settings of other plugins on your site) allow the creation of files in the selected locations. Otherwise, the DeBlocker’s actions with the file system may be perceived as suspicious activity.

Note: Your server settings must allow the creation of files and folders in the specified location.

In addition, you can place the plugin code inline – before the closing <body> tag or even inside the <head> tag. This option will be a solution if your site settings do not allows to create files and folders in the file system.

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