ProMotors HTML Template Quick Start Guide

This document covers the installation and use of the ProMotors HTML Template and often reveals answers to common problems and issues – read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties.

Installing Template

  1. After unzipping the downloaded pack, you’ll find a Template Folder with all the files.
  2. You can view this Template in any browser, you can display or edit the Template without an internet connection.(Fonts and Google Maps might not work without internet connection).
  3. The only section that will not work is the Contact Form.
  4. Once the files are done uploading go to

Template Structure

All information within the main content area is nested within a body tag. The general template structure of ProMotors HTML Template is pretty the same throughout the template. Here is the general structure of main page (index.html).

Template Structure

CSS Files and Structure

These are the CSS files that are loaded into the Head Tag

CSS file and Structure

Web Fonts

By default, the template loads the free Google fonts & Custom, you can change the font with the one that suits you best.

Remember to change the font into style.css

Javascript Files and Structure

These are the list of Javascript files that are loaded into templates at the end of the Body Tag.

Source and Credit

  • Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Dark & Light
  • Jquery
  • Popper
  • FontAwesome
  • Animate CSS
  • Slick Slider
  • Magnific Popup
  • Appear
  • Odometer
  • Countdown
  • Splitting Js
  • Vanilla Calendar
  • Cursor Js
  • Bootstrap Dropdown ML Hack
  • Wow Js
  • Tilt Js
  • Parallaxie
  • Parallax Scroll
  • Image Before After
  • Jquery Ui

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