Manage records and convert speech to text in the Contacter

The Contacter WordPress plugin allows you to view, manage received messages and convert speech to text directly from the WordPress admin panel.

When you receive new messages, the status indicator will be displayed in the plugin and let you know about new posts.

New posts indicator of the Contacter

To see the new messages, go to Contacter>Records. All the new records have the “Pending” status. Once you read a new record and click the “Update” button in the right sidebar, the status will be updated.

“Pending” status for the new records

The available record options are listed below:

Voice Message

The section contains the player with the voice message recording. Here you can listen to the current message or download it to a local computer.

The player with the voice message recording

The section contains the “Generate Transcription” button ” which converts the speech to text. Before generating select the language, used in the current record, in the settings Contacter>General>Language. This is necessary for correct text recognition.

Generate button and field for recognized text

Please note what the Transcription section is available only if the Cloud Speech-to-Text API key is installed in Contacter>General>Speech Recognition

Additional fields

The section contains additional fields with the information specified by the sender. The additional fields can be configured in the settings of a specific form via Please note what the Additional fields section is displayed only if the contact form has at least one additional field.

Private Notes

The section contains a text field with the regular editor for adding private notes, which visible only to the administrator.


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