Listener WordPress Plugin settings

Listener WordPress Plugin designed for the voice input of text or textarea fields. The plugin is based on Microsoft Azure – one of the most effective cognitive speech recognition services. The voice input is applied for different forms present on your site. It can be a search field, post comment, product review or questionnaire. Speed and convenience for your visitors are the main advantages of using the voice input method.

Server requirements:

  • WordPress 5.9 or Greater
  • PHP 7.4 or Greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater.
  • WP Memory limit of 256 MB, 512 MB recommended, 768 MB for best performance.
  • SSL
  • PHP Z-Lib Extension

To open the plugin settings in the WordPress Sidebar menu go to Listener

Listener menu item

In the plugin settings, there are several tabs responsible for various groups of plugin settings.


The tab consists of the basic plugin settings where you can paste your API kay, select language, region and other manage other options.


The option allows you to enter the selectors for the form fields for which you want to use the voice input method. Leave blank to work everywhere.

Checking for new fields

An option allows the plugin to work with input fields that are appeared a few seconds after the whole page is loaded. This can be useful when using quiz/test with conditions, checkout, or other forms that are loaded by scripts.


Select the language of your site from the list of the supported languages. This language must be used by visitors for correct speech recognition. If you have a multilingual site audience, use the Language detection option.

Language detection

The option allows you to work correctly on a multilingual site or with a multinational audience. You can set only one primary language in the plugin settings but enabling the feature, your visitors can use voice input in another language (from the list of supported) and it will be automatically detected and recognized in the appropriate language.

Language Identification compares speech at the language level, such as English and German. Do not include multiple locales of the same language in your candidate list.

Speech mode

Select the Speech mode depending on the type of fields used on your site:

  • Recognize once – for processing each utterance one “sentence” at a time. It is suitable for fields that require short data entry.
  • Continuous – for long-running recognition. It is suitable for textarea fields that require some description or detailed information.

Max Recognition Time

Specify the duration of speech recognition. After this time expires, speech recognition will be automatically stopped.


When you first run the plugin, you need to enter your own API Key. How to get the Key Key you can learn from the article How to Get API Key for Listener WordPress Plugins.

Please note: The Cognitive Service provides 5 audio hours free per month. If the limit is exceeded, an additional fee will be charged according to the prices.


Specify the region that you have selected when creating your API Key. Make sure the region is matching the region of your subscription.


The design tab contains settings related to the design of the Button and its surrounding elements.


You can select one of the available button positions of start voice input: Top, Top Start, Top End, Right, Right Start, Right End, Bottom, Bottom Start, Bottom End, Left, Left Start, Left End.

The button can automatically change the position in a particular field. For example, if you set the position to the top, but for the certain form field does not have enough free space to display the button, it will be displayed in a more appropriate place.


The toggle to enable/disable the direction arrow on the button.


Select one of the more than ten available animations for the appearance of the voice input start button.


The option allows to set the delay in ms before a Listener button shows or hides.


The option allows to set the duration in ms of the transition animation.


The toggle to enable/disable spring-like animation effect.

Start Dictation

Enter the button caption before start voice input.

Stop Dictation

Enter the button caption after start voice input.

Speak Now

Enter the text that is displayed when speaking process.


Select an icon from the icon library to display on the voice input button.

Icon Position

Select one of the available icon positions to display it on the voice input button. Pick Hide to remove the icon from the button.

Icon/Caption size

Specify the font size for the icon and/or caption of the button.

Icon/Caption Color

Specify the font color for the icon and/or caption of the button using the color picker.

Icon/Caption Hover Color

Specify the hover font color for the icon and/or caption of the button using the color picker.


Specify the display style of the voice input button.

Background Color

Specify the button background color using the color picker.

Background Hover Color

Specify the button background hover color using the color picker.


Select one of the available type of shadow to apply to the button.


Specify the button margin using the slider


Specify the button padding using the slider

Border radius

Specify the border radius using the slider.

Phrase Lists

The field for special phrases and words that are inherent in the topic of your site that you can specify for better recognition. It can be person names or a specific location. Single words or complete phrases can be added to a Phrase List.

Save Changes

Do not forget to click Save Changes after changing plugin settings. After clicking this button, the settings will be saved and applied to all pages of the website.


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