Joomla Template Installing Guide

Joomla Template Installing is a fast and straightforward process. First, you need the installed version of Joomla. It is recommended to use the latest version. You can find out how to install Joomla from the official Joomla! documentation.

If you install a template on a website that already has content (articles, images, etc.), it is recommended to backup the entire website and database before installation.

Please note that this method installed a clean Joomla template. If you need a template with demo data, use the installation from Quickstart package

Installing the template

Step 1

For the beginning the Joomla Template Installing Login to Joomla admin area, and go to Extensions -> Manage -> Install

Joomla Template Installing Extensions Manager
Extension Manager
Step 2

Upload and install Joomla template archive via the web interface. Drop a file on-page or click the button to select a file for uploading.

Drag and Drop file Template Archive
Drag and Drop file Template archive

After completing the installation, you will see a message about the successful installation. If this does not happen, please contact support.

Template was Installed
Template was installed
Step 3

In the last step of Joomla Template Installing, you need to activate the template and make it Default template for your website. Go to Extensions -> Templates -> Styles

Joomla Template Installing Templates Manager

From the list of styles, select the one you just installed and click on the star next to the style name.

Make the template styles as Default
Make the template style as a default

This is all about the installation of the template.

Installing necessary extensions

In order for the template to work fully, you may also need to install important extensions. In the package, you can find a folder with extensions that you need to install.

To install extensions, repeat the Steps 1 and Step 2 for each necessary extension.

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