Inster: Release notes

  • Removed old Instagram API
  • Removed Access Token option
  • Removed My Instagram mode
  • Minor Code Improvements
  • Added lightbox navigation arrows
  • Added the ability to disable the link to the Instagram
  • Fixed bug with different images height in Fluid Grid mode
  • Pixels were converted to relative values(em)
  • Added font scaling settings for Instagram hover mode
  • Fixed bug with long user biography
  • Added smooth transition for Carousel wheel scrolling
  • Fixed bug with loading a new page when the jQuery mobile was enabled
  • Added Lightbox control using the keyboard keys
  • Updated token URL
  • Removed sticky footer script
  • Updated object structure for Location feed type
  • Added date and time display for the Detailed hover
  • Added class for each item in hover
  • Secure data transfer(https) is enabled by default
  • From the settings panel has been deleted HTTPS libs checkbox
  • Font Awesome switched to version 5.0
  • Fixed incorrect background color for Detailed info hover style
  • Updated object structure for Tag feed type
  • For Tag mode, filtering by Tags and Mentions is improved
  • Updated object structure for Other Instagram User feed type
  • For Other Instagram User mode, filtering by Tags and Mentions is improved
  • Fixed bug with non-working scrolling on page load
  • Fixed bug with incorrect calculation of sticky footer
  • Fixed bug with displaying Followers for My Instagram mode
  • Added First double size image option for grid layout
  • Added new Perspective hover effect
  • Added ability to build images in one column on the mobile and tablet
  • Code fixes and improvements
  • Added Lightbox view mode
  • Added support for sites using a secure connection(https)
  • Code fixes and improvements
  • Improved Widget panel interface
  • Added media output by Tags (Most recent / Top posts)
  • Added media output by Location (Most recent / Top posts)
  • Added media output for any Instagram User
  • Huge improvement in the filtration section
  • Progress bar option added
  • Debug mode added
  • Code fixes and improvements
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Added the possibility to use an unlimited number of copies of the widget on the page
  • Added scrolling by keyboard arrows for carousel mode
  • Added German Language
  • Initial release

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