Inster: Release notes

2.5 (soon)

Added lightbox navigation arrows
Added the ability to disable the link to the Instagram


Fixed bug with different images height in Fluid Grid mode
Pixels were converted to relative values(em)
Added font scaling settings for Instagram hover mode
Fixed bug with long user biography
Added smooth transition for Carousel wheel scrolling
Fixed bug with loading a new page when the jQuery mobile was enabled
Added Lightbox control using the keyboard keys
Updated token URL
Removed sticky footer script
Updated object structure for Location feed type
Added date and time display for the Detailed hover
Added class for each item in hover


Secure data transfer(https) is enabled by default
From the settings panel has been deleted HTTPS libs checkbox
Font Awesome switched to version 5.0
Fixed incorrect background color for Detailed info hover style
Updated object structure for Tag feed type
For Tag mode, filtering by Tags and Mentions is improved
Updated object structure for Other Instagram User feed type
For Other Instagram User mode, filtering by Tags and Mentions is improved
Fixed bug with non-working scrolling on page load
Fixed bug with incorrect calculation of sticky footer


Fixed bug with displaying Followers for My Instagram mode


Added First double size image option for grid layout
Added new Perspective hover effect
Added ability to build images in one column on the mobile and tablet
Code fixes and improvements


Added Lightbox view mode
Added support for sites using secure connection(https)
Code fixes and improvements


Improved Widget panel interface
Added media output by Tags (Most recent / Top posts)
Added media output by Location (Most recent / Top posts)
Added media output for any Instagram User
Huge improvement in the filtration section
Progress bar option added
Debug mode added
Code fixes and improvements


Bug fixes and improvements


Added the possibility to use an unlimited number of copies of the widget on the page
Added scrolling by keyboard arrows for carousel mode
Added German Language


(Initial release)