Inster Block: General Settings

The Inspector panel provides great opportunities for customizing the block. You can hide/show the Inspector panel by clicking on the button with the gear icon, top right. Or using hotkeys ?+?+, for Mac, and ?+?+, for Windows and Linux.

Instagram URL

In this form, you can change the content displayed in the block. Use the @, #, ^ characters to specify a username, tag, or location ID. Or just copy the Instagram link and paste it to the form filed.

Instagram feed option (Optional)

In this drop-down list, you can choose the feed options to render: Top Posts or Most Recent Posts

Data processing method

This setting controls the mode of receiving and processing data from Instagram. Native is recommended. Use Alternate only if Native mode does not work on your hosting or in your local environment.

Update entries on every page load/refresh

This option controls the updating of posts from the frontend.

Update interval

This setting controls the update interval for the list of posts and works only if the previous checkbox is enable.
The minimum interval is 30 seconds – the maximum 10 minutes. If 0, the updates will be only after reloading the page.

Clickable links in the editor

If this option is enabled, clicking on the link will take you to the Instagram post page. If disabled, nothing will happen after the click.

Placed in one column on mobile

This setting controls the display of the grid on mobile devices:

  • No: Do not control the display on mobile devices
  • Mobile: Rebuild the grid in one column only when viewing a page on a mobile phone only.
  • +Tablets: Rebuild the grid in one column when viewing a page on a mobile phone or tablet.

Reduce the number of columns if the column is less…

This setting controls the responsiveness of the block. If the width of one post is less than the number specified in this form, the number of columns in the grid will be reduced. The number of columns will never be less than 1. To disable this option, specify 0 as the value.

Block description

This setting will add a text description at the bottom of the box. You can edit the description as plain text right on the page.

In the options, you can control the alignment of the description relative to the block, as well as change the size or style of the text.

Block Description Options

Open links in a new tab

This setting controls which tab to open links in a new or current.

Other block settings panel: