The Inster Block for WordPress: Basic configuration

Inster is a block for default Page Editor in the WordPress 5 ++, also known as Gutenberg Editor. This plugin allows shares photos and videos from Instagram on the website built on WordPress 5 ++

A variety of settings allows you to customize the block to the smallest detail. In the settings, you can select initial animation and one of the hover styles and also choose from preset color schemes or choose from 16 million colors independently. There is a mode for displaying enlarged posts in Lightbox, which can be turned off.

To open the plugin settings in the WordPress Sidebar menu go to Inster

Inster Settings
Inster Settings

In the plugin settings, there are several tabs responsible for various groups of plugin settings.

Start with the Inster Block

The main features of the block are revealed on the WordPress pages. For the initial block configuration, you need to select which feed to display.

Inster Block
Inster Block

The Inster block for WordPress 5++ can show posts by:

  • Instagram User (except for profiles that are private)
  • Top Post and Most Recent Posts by Tag
  • Most Recent Posts by Location ID

Copy and paste link from Instagram. You can also use input in the format @username or #tag or ^location ID

After specifying the type of feed, the block will display posts from Instagrams with default settings. You can change the number of columns and rows in the Block Toolbar and customize the block using the settings in the Block Inspector Sidebar.


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