Inster: All about access token

An Instagram access token is very important for the full functionality of the widget. The access token is needed to confirm the right of access to the basic profile information and the latest publications.
The token does not authorize the addition of publications, commenting, likes and other social functions of Instagram. The token does not disclose your account password and will not allow anyone to manage your account.
Receiving a token is completely safe, and you can at any time cancel the token from your account.

To get a token, follow these steps:

Step 1

Follow the authorization link to authorize yourself on Instagram.

Step 2

Authorize a widget to allow access to your Instagram account data

Instagram authorization
Step 3

Copy your access token to the clipboard

Copy access token

Paste access token to the widget settings panel

Access token input
Access token input

You can undergo the procedure of obtaining a token as many times.

You also can at any time revoke access the widget to your profile data

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