Installing the Adobe Muse widget

Installing the Adobe Muse widget is fast and straightforward. In this article, you will learn about how to install any Adobe Muse widget and get started with it.

Step 1

Open Adobe Muse CC 2015.2 version or later

Step 2

Start a new project (Ctrl/Cmnd+N) or open one of your existing projects(Ctrl/Cmnd+O)

Step 3

Double click on any page in a project, to open it

Step 4

Open Window/Library in the menu

Installing Muse widget - Adobe Muse Library
Adobe Muse Library
Step 5

Click on icon Import Muse Library

Import to Muse Library
Import to Muse Library
Step 6

Select the widget file(.mulib) in the folder where you unzipped your purchase archive.

Step 7

That’s all. You have installed the widget.

Installing Muse widget - Widget installation complete
Widget installation complete

This is all about installing Muse widget. It’s also useful for you to find out how to update the Adobe Muse widget.

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