How to use Repeater custom fields in Fielder plugin

The Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin allows you to add custom fields with the Repeater type, which can also be displayed by the Fielder plugin.

step 1

Create a new field with a Repeater type and add required Sub Fields.

step 2

Edit the specific post/page for which the new field should apply with the regular WordPress editor and fill the table with data of the custom fields. Save the settings.

step 3

Edit the current page using the Elementor builder and drag the Fielder widget on a page.

step 4

Select the appropriate field to display on the page.


Show Elements – select the name of the field. It is a “repeater” in our example.

Field type – select “Table” as it is intended for Repeater, Flexible content and Gallery fields.

Column number – you can specify a value no greater than the number of rows(In our example, this is no more than 2) that you specified for the table when creating the field.

Field name – enter one of the sub fields name to display data from it. In our example, entered the name “first

Field type – select the type of the specified sub field. It is “Text” in our case.

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