How to install Speaker Pro

We have launched Speaker lite to make it available for everyone. You can install it for free on the site to understand how it works and how useful it can be for your project.

Speaker lite is a WordPress Plugin designed to converts website page content into human-like speech. The plugin uses the latest technology of machine learning and artificial intelligence to play a high-quality human voice and add an audio player with content to the page. The basis of the Speaker Lite plugin is the Google Cloud Platform, which ensures the reliability and speed of the plugin anywhere in the world.

Speaker Light includes only the basic functions. Go Speaker PRO to get more awesome features and advanced capabilities for your website.

How to install Speaker Pro version

  1. Buy the Speaker plugin license on CodeCanyon.
  2. Install the plugin as a regular WordPress plugin.
  3. Activate the plugin using your purchase code.
  4. Enjoy the new Speaker features available.

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