How to get Microsoft Azure Storage key

To be able to save audio files generated by Talker not only on your own website but also in the Microsoft Azure storage, you need to get your access key and other data.

Step 1

Visit the Azure services to Create a resource and select the Storage account

Create a resource
Select Storage account
Step 2

Fill in the required fields as shown below, where the Storage account name is a unique name that you will insert in the Talker settings.

Fill in the basic settings fields
Step 3

Press Review. The remaining settings tabs stay unchanged.

Step 4

After reviewing, click Create

Create a storage account
Step 5

Your account has been created and you can Go to resource

Your deployment is complate
Your deployment is complate
Step 6

Now you need to create a container where your files will be stored. Go to Containers tab and create a new Container

Containers tab in the resource menu
Click + Сontainer
Step 7

Enter the container Name and press Create.

step 8

Change access to the container so that the Talker can use the added files. Go to your storage > Configuration> Allow Blob anonymous access(enabled)

Allow Blob anonymous access

Then go to Containers tab and press Change access level for your container to Blob

Change access level
Select Blob access level

Now you have everything to save audio files to your Azure storage.

Set up your Azure Storage in the Talker settings

Go to Talker>Storage> select Microsoft Azure Storage or Microsoft Azure Storage + Library and fill in the required fields with your data.

Azure Storage settings
  • Storage Account Name – the name you entered in Step 2. You can also find it in your Storage accounts list.
Storage Account Name
  • Storage Blob Container Name – the name you entered in Step 7. You can also find it in your Containers list.
Container Name
  • Storage Access key – you can find your Access key by going to your current storage account and selecting the Access keys tab. Copy one of the available keys.
Copy your Access key
Copy your Access key

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