How to get Google Drive API key

Starting from Speaker version 3.3.0, it became possible to save audio files not only locally but also on Google Drive disk. For this, you need to get your own API key file following the guide below.

Configure the OAuth consent screen

If you are a beginner and have never worked Google Cloud before, you will read and accept the Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service and any applicable services and APIs


Everything is ready to begin the process of getting the key file. Visit the Google Cloud Platform project to select or create a new project


Click + Create Project button to create a new Google Cloud Project. Go to Step 4, if you have already created a project.

Create a New Project
Create a New Project

Set a unique name for your project, or use default project name. And click the Create button. Please note that the name of the project cannot be changed later.

Create a new project
Create a new project

After creating the project visit the Project Dashboard page.

Select your project
Select your project
step 4

Click project Menu > APIs & Services > Dashboard

Project Dashboard
step 5

Click Enable APIs and Services > find Google Drive API in the list to enable it for your project.

Enable APIs and Services
Enable Google Drive API
step 6

Click APIs & Services > Credentials. The credential page for your project appears.

Go to the credential page
step 7

Click Configure Consent Screen. The “OAuth consent screen” screen appears

Click Configure Consent Screen
step 8

Click the user type for your app. If you’re running a Quickstart, select Internal.

Note: For company-internal apps, scopes aren’t listed on the consent screen and use of restricted or sensitive scopes does not require further review by Google.

As the example, selected External as it suits our purposes as well
step 9

Click Create. A second “OAuth consent screen” screen appears.

  1. Fill out the form:
    • If you’re running a quickstart, enter “Quickstart” in the App name field.
    • If you’re running a quickstart, enter your personal email address in the User support email field.
    • If you’re running a quickstart, enter your personal email address in the Developer contact information field.
    • Enter you domain in the Authorized damains.
step 10

Click Save and Continue. The “Scopes” page appears. Click Add or Remove Scopes> Select Google Drive API as shown below and press Update.

Select Google Drive API – See, Edit, create and delete all your Google Drive File
step 11

Click Save and Continue. The “Edit app registration” page appears. Add the Google drive email which will be used for the files uploading.

Add user’s email
step 12

Click Save and Continue. The “OAuth consent screen” appears, then Click Back to Dashboard.

Create a OAuth client ID credential

step 1

In the left-hand navigation, click Credentials. The “Credentials” page appears.

step 2

Click Create Credentials and select OAuth client ID. The “Create OAuth client ID” page appears.

Create OAuth client ID
step 3

Click the Application type drop-down list and select Web application. In the name field, type a name for the credential. This name is only shown in the Cloud Console.

step 4

Enter the path to the admin dashboard of your site in Authorized redirect URIs> click Save.

Enter Authorized redirect URLs
step 5

The “Credentials” page appears. Download your JSON file to use it in the Speaker plugin.

step 6

Go to Speaker> Storage> select Library+Google Drive in the Storage list to upload your JSON key.

Upload your own Key file

Get a token

Once the key file has been successfully added, you need to get your token by allowing access to the disk to save files.

step 1

Click Get a token>Choose an account>press Continue to give access to the App>Select what Speaker can access> press Continue.

Click “Get a token
step 2

The “Choose an account” page appears. Select the account where the files will be stored.

Choose your Google Drive account
step 3

The “Google hasn’t verified this app” page appears. Click Continue.

Press “Continue” to give the app access
step 4

The “Speaker wants access to your Google Account” page appears. Check the boxes displayed and Click Continue.

Allow the Speaker to access the Google Drive files by checking the boxes and click “Continue
step 5

You will be redirected to the admin dashboard of your site. To check if everything is installed correctly, go to the Speaker>Storage settings and make sure no errors are displayed.

API key and token are successfully installed

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