How to create and use Telegram bot API

Step 1.

Log in to your telegram account.

Step 2

Find BotFather in the contact search. It will help you create new bots and change settings for existing ones.

Step 3

Press Start to begin chatting with the BotFather

Step 4

Use the /newbot command to create a new bot. The BotFather will ask you for a name and username, then generate an authentication token for your new bot.

The name of your bot is displayed in contact details and elsewhere.

The Username is a short name, to be used in mentions and links. Usernames are 5-32 characters long and are case insensitive, but may only include Latin characters, numbers, and underscores. Your bot’s username must end in ‘bot’, e.g. ‘tetris_bot’ or ‘TetrisBot’.

New Telegram bot creating
Step 5

Once you enter everything that the BotFather asks for you will get a token. The token is a string along the lines of 110201543:AAHdqTcvCH1vGWJxfSeofSAs0K5PALDsaw that is required to authorize the bot and send requests to the Bot API. Keep your token secure and store it safely, it can be used by anyone to control your bot.

Step 6

Go to the Reformer for Elementor>Telegram bot API and paste your token.

Paste your Telegram token
Step 7

Back to your Telegram account and create a New Group and add your created bot as a member of this group.

Create a new group with your bot in the telegram
step 8

Once all Telegram settings are done you can add the Reformer widget to your page and select the Telegram channel via “General>Send to” to send messages to the chat. At the same time, a list with your groups should be displayed in the Сhat option of the Telegram section.

Select one of your chats to get messages from the current form

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