How to create API key for WooCommerce

The Grider widget allows you to use WooCommece products as a source for the posts grid. To start working with products you need to install WooCommerce and get an API key.

To get the API key, follow the steps:

Step 1

Go to WooCommerce>Settings>Advanced tab>Legacy API and check the box for the option “Enable the legacy REST API

Enable the legacy REST API
step 2

Go to WooCommerce>Settings>Advanced tab>REST API

Rest API settings of WooCommerce
step 3

Go to the Legacy REST API tab and check the box Enable the legacy REST API.

Enable the legacy REST API
step 4

Press Add key to generate a new key.

Add a new key
step 5

Enter the required information for the key and press Generate API key.

API key creating
step 6

Copy and save the generated key and secret.

step 7

Go to Grider for Elementor>WooCommerce and paste the key and secret.

WooCommerce integration of the grid widget

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