Fullscreen Slider in GymGain Joomla Template

Fullscreen Slider it the GymGain Joomla Template has very flexible settings and allows you to fully customize it for your project. To use this module go to Extensions -> Modules -> MD Slider. Go to Display Options tab to configure the general slider settings.

Fullscreen Slider Display Options
Display Options
Slider heightDefines the slideshow height.
Show navigationShows or hides the navigation on the slider
Show next and previousShows or hides next and previous arrows.
AnimationDefines the preferred transition between items.
DurationDefines the transition duration.
AutoplayDefines whether or not the slideshow items should switch automatically.
Autoplay IntervalDefines the timespan between switching slideshow items.
Video autoplayDefines whether or not a video starts automatically.
Video muteDefines whether or not a video is muted.
KenburnsDefines whether or not the Ken Burns effect is active. If ken burns is a numeric value, it will be used as the animation duration.

Click the tab Filtering Options to filter which articles from which category will be shown as slides.

Joomla Fullscreen Slider Filtering Options
Filtering Options
CountSpecify the number of items to display in the slider.
CategoryAdd a category of articles

Got to the Ordering Options tab to set the order of the slide show in the slider

Joomla Fullscreen Slider Ordering Options
Ordering Options

To display the slider only on some pages, go to the Assignments tab. Also for any other module, you can choose in which position it will be placed. By default, the Fullscreen Joomla Slider is placed int the Fullscreen position.

Learn more about other template settings in GymGain Template Settings article.

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