Export and download assets from design specs

Export assets from design specs

If you mark layers for export, and include assets when publishing design specs, you can download them from the published design specs link. Vector assets are available in SVG, PNG, and PDF and bitmap assets in PNG and PDF.

Mark layers for export

Layers marked for export are included as assets in design specs. To mark assets for export, select any layer on canvas, and use any of the following options: 

  • Click on any artboard layer and click Mark for Export checkbox from the pop-up menu. 
  • Right-click the layer on the canvas and choose Mark for Export from the pop-up menu. 
  • Use the  keyboard shortcut in macOS and   keyboard shortcut in Windows OS.
  • Open the layers panel and click the  mark for export icon next to the layer name. 

To export multiple assets, select multiple layers within an artboard and click Mark for Export.

When you import or open Illustrator or Photoshop document with images, XD automatically marks all bitmap images for export. 

Mark the assets for export
Mark the assets for export

Publish design specs with assets

When you include assets while publishing design specs and share the published link with developers, you provide them with a centralized location to download those assets.

  1. Mark layers for export in XD.
  2. Click Share to switch to the Share mode. Select Development.

3. In the Design mode, select the assets that you want to export. In the Property Inspector, select the Mark for Export checkbox. The assets for export appear in the Share mode.


4. In Share mode, Select the Downloadable Assets checkbox to mark your assets for export, and click Create link.


Based on the platform you create the design for, each platform has a separate set of resolution settings:

  • Web: Assets are exported at 1x and 2x resolutions.
  • iOS: Assets are exported at 1x2x, and 3x resolutions.
  • Android: Assets are optimized and exported for the following Android screen densities:
    • ldpi – Low density (75%)
    • mdpi – Medium density (100%)
    • hdpi – High density (150%)
    • xhdpi – Extra high density (200%)
    • xxhdpi – Extra extra high density (300%)
    • xxxhdpi – Extra extra extra high density (400%)

5. To open the published design specs in the browser, click the Open in Browser icon, and select an artboard to view the assets. The browser displays the selected assets along with other artboard details. 

When you hover the pointer over the assets, contextual selection highlights the selected asset in blue.

Assets on web
Assets on web

Download assets from design specs

When you share the published design specs with developers, developers can download assets from it. Developers can download assets individually or at the same time.

UseCmd+ AorCtrl+A to select all the assets or use the Shift key to multi-select. Assets are downloaded as .zip files in the downloads folder on your machine. You can change the format of vector assets to SVGPDF, and PNG and the format of bitmap assets to PNG and PDF.

Download assets
Download assets

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