DeBlocker 3.X.X WordPress Plugin Settings


This manual was created for plugins version 3.2.0 and higher. If you use plugins of an older version, use the DeBlocker settings manual for versions 2.0.^.

Installing the DeBlocker 3.X.X WordPress Plugin

To install the plugin, read the article Installing WordPress Plugin. Installing the plugin takes only a few seconds.

To open the plugin settings click Settings below the plugin name on the plugins page.

DeBlocker on the plugins page

or the plugin settings in the WordPress Sidebar menu go to DeBlocker

DeBlocker on the plugin page

In the plugin settings, there are several tabs responsible for various groups of plugin settings.

General Settings


You can select one of the available algorithms that will affect the way of plugin operation. Please read more about them and choose the one that suits you best.

  • Inline – This algorithm is selected by default since it has been improved since version 3.1.0. This way involves adding inline scripts to the page. It works well for everyone, but only for now. There is a possibility that over time it may also be blocked by other extensions.
  • Random Folder – It creates a plugin folder with the necessary files. When this setting is selected, the Lifetime option appears that allows specifying the lifetime of the folder created by the plugin. The main condition is that this folder must be writable. You can make sure that everything is configured correctly in the plugin settings DeBlocker>Status. If the folder is not writable, please disable all third-party plugins for security.
  • Script Proxy – this method involves interacting with site scripts that can slow down the site. Besides, use caching can negatively affect the operation of the plugin.
  • Progressive – the algorithm combines different methods of other algorithms and has additional options for more flexible configuration.

Modal Style

There are six display locking windows:

  • Compact
  • Compact: Upper Right Corner
  • Compact: Upper Left Corner
  • Compact: Bottom Right Corner
  • Compact: Bottom Left Corner
  • Full Screen


Title blocker window. In order for a string to be translated through the .pot file, the text must remain default without additional characters or spaces.


You can format the text using the tiny editor, as well as add an image. In order for the string to be translated through the .pot file, it must remain default without additional characters, spaces or tags. Switch the editor to the “Text” tab to remove tags and save.

DeBlocker Text editor

JavaScript Required

The option to enable/disable Block page content if JS is disabled in your browser. The setting allows you to customize the blocking message.

Message to show if JavaScript is disabled


Delay (seconds)

Sets the delay before the modal window is displayed. Accepts a value in seconds.

Open limit

The maximum allowed number of openings of the DeBlocker window per 24 hours. The browser identifier is used as a uniqueness criterion. This setting only works with the Progressive algorithm.

Cross button

The toggle to enable/disable the close button as a cross for the block window. If enabled, the visitor can close the window blocking the content of the page, and if not – the content will be prevented until the user disables all ad blocker extensions.

Close button delay

The time interval after which the popup close button will be shown, and, accordingly, the minimum time after which the popup can be closed.

Text button and Button cation

The toggle to enable/disable the close button with text. The button is added at the end of the popup content. The text can be changed and translated into different languages.

Settings of the close button with text

Enable guide

The toggle to enable/disable displays additional information about how to disable the AdBlocker in the browser.

Guide option display on the front end


Shows and hides the overlay covering the page

Blur Content

Blurs page content in such a way that it can not be read or copied.

This option allows the blocking window to be opened until the ad blocker is disabled by the user. You can set the interval after which the popup will be displayed in the loop.

Popup loop settings


The toggle to enable/disable the redirect feature from the site instead of the block window.


Displays debugging information in the browser console while using the plugin. It is recommended to enable it only if there are any problems with the operation of the plugin and not to enable it during normal use of the plugin.


  • Content align – the option set the current alignment (left, center, right) inside the popup.
  • Overlay Color – the option controls the color and transparency of the overlay
  • X Button Color – changes the color of the “X” button to close the popup
  • X Button Size – changes the size of the “X” button to close the popup
  • Modal Color – the option set the background of the modal window.
  • Close Button Color – the option controls the color and transparency of the close button with a cross.
  • Text Color – the option controls the text color inside the popup.
  • Button style – the toggle to enable/disable the custom styles for the close button with text. The option is available when the “Text button” is enabled in the Behavior section. By default, theme styles are applied to the button. Enable the option if you want to change button styles.
Custom button styles settings


Advanced translations

The option enables advanced translation strings. It allows showing content for different languages on the front end. By turning it off you can use the standard translation via the .pot file, with default plain texts.

To add a translation for a new language enable the option “Advanced translations” and click “Add translation” to fill in the appropriate fields:

New translation settings
  • Locale – specify the language code for which you want to create a translation. The code must match what is used in the front end to determine the language.
  • Title – specify the translation for the title of the modal window.
  • Content – specify the translation for the content of the modal window.
  • Button caption – specify the translation for the close button with the text of the modal window

To delete a translation, you must first delete the Locale before clicking the “Remove translation” button.

Save Changes

Do not forget to click Save Changes after changing plugin settings. After clicking this button, the settings will be saved and applied to all pages of the website.

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