Create Progress Bar with the Progresser Elementor widget

The Progresser is a great WordPress plugin for Elementor for creating different types of progress bars to display any numeric values in percent or other units. These can be line, circular, semicircular progress bars to display skills, task completion status, goal achievement, etc.

For further work, you need the Elementor to be installed on your site. You can download it from

Open or create a page using Elementor to start using the Progress bar widgets. You will find the block with a set of widgets at the end of the general section.

Progress bar widgets set

Each of the available elements allows you to build a progress bar of certain types. Drag one by one into the editor to start customizing. In the left pane of the editors, you can customize the dragged widget to suit your needs.

The Progresser plugin currently supports 3 widget types:

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