Create Open AI Assistants

The Assistants API allows you to build AI assistants within your own instructions, models, and knowledge to respond to user queries. 

The Assistants API is in beta and the Open AI team is actively working on adding more functionality. 

To use it in the Helper plugin you need to first create it in Open AI.

Step 1

Go to your Open AI account and press Create

Create a new assistant
step 2

Fill in all necessary fields.

You need to select the tool Retrieval to use your content for the assistant’s answers and add files with your information.

Assistant settings example
  • Name – enter the name of the new assistant.
  • Instructions – describe how the Assistant and model should behave or respond.
  • Model – the Retrieval tool requires gpt-3.5-turbo-1106 or gpt-4-turbo-preview models.
  • Tools – select Retrieval, it enables the assistant with knowledge from files that you or your users upload. Once a file is uploaded, the assistant automatically decides when to retrieve content based on user requests. Read more about the pricing of this tool.
  • File – upload a file that can be used as the assistant content. The size of all the files uploaded by one organization can be up to 100 GB. The size of individual files can be a maximum of 512 MB or 2 million tokens for Assistants. List of supported file formats
step 3

Once the assistant is created, you can go to the Helper settings to add and select the personality you need.

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