Can’t Import Widgets into Library – Error code 379/386

In some cases, during the installation(import) of the widget into the Muse library, the installation may be interrupted by a message about the error:

Import library error
An error occurred importing library [widget-name].mulib, unexpected format number “[number]”. Check if a newer version of Muse id available.
This message warns that the widget has been compiled into a program version that does not match the current version in which the widget is imported.

Solution 1

Make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Muse. Open the Creative Cloud app and check for updates to Muse.

Solution 2

Contact me via support form and I send you widget compiled in your version of Muse.

Solution 3

If you do not have the time or for some other reason you can not use solutions 1 or 2 – install the previous version of Muse.

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