Booking and Scheduling calendar Settings

The Bookinger is a Booking and Scheduling calendar plugin for WordPress to plan different events, classes, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. Search available properties and services, browse the availability and make reservations for specific days and time slots. It allows you to easily set new appointments, manage your events with participants/speakers/headliners from the admin panel and display the scheduler for a day, week or month. 

For further work, you need the Elementor to be installed on your site. You can download it from

Once the plugin is activated, new types of posts will be available in your Dashboard>Bookinger:

  • Events – a type of post for creating events with the ability to display them via the plugin widget. Read more about the post type in the article.
  • Speaker – a type of post for adding a headliner/organizer/doctor/specialist or any required person attached to the event. Read more about the post type in the article.
  • Bookings – post type to display all submitting from the booking form. All information entered and sent from the Booking form widget will be displayed in the current list of posts.

To display events and all information related to them on site pages, use the prepared Elementor widgets. Open or create a page using Elementor to start using the Booking and Scheduling calendar properties by dragging the appropriate widgets. You will find them at the end of the general section.

  • Event calendar – a widget displays the events schedule of the day, week, or month by switching tabs.
  • Event cards – a widget displays an events grid where you can specify the number of displayed items per page and columns in a row. 
  • Event time period cards – a widget displays event cards of a certain period of time. You can group events of a certain category in a certain period or by a specific speaker.
  • Booking form – a widget for sending a request for an appointment/consultation/lecture to a specialist/speaker for an available date and time. 

Drag the required widget into the editor to start customizing. In the left pane of the editors, you can customize the dragged widget to suit your needs.

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