DeBlocker WordPress plugin Algorithms

We are constantly developing and improving the plugin to make it more useful and reliable for all the users. During the existence of our product, we experienced some problems, including blocking the work of our plugin by other tools. This required the new algorithms adding that would ensure the smooth operation of the plugin. You can select one of them according to your needs in the plugin settings DeBlocker>General>Algorithm

  • Inline – This algorithm is selected by default since it has been improved since version 3.1.0. This way involves adding inline scripts to the page. It works well for everyone, but only for now. There is a possibility that over time it may also be blocked by other extensions.
  • Random Folder – It creates a plugin folder with the necessary files. The main condition is that this folder must be writable. You can make sure that everything is configured correctly in the plugin settings DeBlocker>Status. If the folder is not writable, please disable all third-party plugins for security.
  • Script Proxy* – this method involves interacting with site scripts that can slow down the site. Besides, use caching can negatively affect the operation of the plugin. This algorithm will not work if at least one script is not connected to your site.
  • Progressive* – The Progressive algorithm combines different methods of other algorithms and has additional options for more flexible configuration. (Recommended for most customers)
  • Defaultthis algorithm has been removed from version 3.1.0 as it becomes useless in most use cases. Almost all blockers have found a way to bypass this algorithm.

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