Add/Edit Header and Footer

The theme allows you to completely customize the header and footer of your site, and create different versions of them for different pages via Elementor Templates.

Step 1

To create a new header or footer, go to Templates > Add New, fill the form and press Create Template.

Create a template for the header and footer
Step 2

Once you create the template you will be redirected to the Elementor Editor to add all the necessary information for the section. There are available special Shelly elements that you can use for a header or footer:

  • Social Icons – allows to add the required number of links to any social networks.
  • Shelly Navigation – adds Shelly style navigation.
  • Site Logo – allows loading the logo by choosing the required size, alignment and height.
  • Header Contacts – allows adding a list of contacts with icons for a header or footer.
Step 3

When the template is created you can assign it to specific pages of the website.

Go to WordPress Dashbord>Templates>Edit the template via the regular WordPress editor and find the Display condition block with settings.

Edit template via the regular WordPress editor
Display condition block

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