Add a popup to your WordPress site page

App a popup using different types of content : a regular WordPress editor or Elementor builder, already existing Pages built with WP Editor, Elementor, WP Bakery Page builder, or select one of the available Elementor Section Templates. Choose the most convenient way for you and move ahead faster.

The Snitcher plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of popups for your site. Once you have configured the snitchers you can add them to the site pages.

Add a Global popup

Suitable for cases when most of your site pages will have the same popup window.

Go to Snitcher>Settings>General>Select global popup and select one or multiply snitchers as global. This means that by default the selected popup will be displayed on all pages of the site. However, you can use the Assignments settings in each individual snitcher in order to apply it only to specific pages.

Global settings in the Snitcher plugin

Use Snitcher shortcodes

Using shortcodes you can add snitchers to specific pages. Find shortcode for each popup in the Snitchers list or in the sidebar of the snitcher editor.

Shortcodes in the Snitchers list
Shortcode in the sidebar of the Snitcher editor

Extra class/shortcode


Use the shortcode to trigger the popup window by clicking on your custom button:

[snitcher id="popupID"] Button Text [/snitcher]

Where the "popupID" you can find in the Snitcher posts list or in the sidebar of a specific snitcher when editing.

For example, for the snitcher below

Snitcher id=”8″

here is the shortcode for the button

[snitcher id="8"] Button Text [/snitcher]

With the class="mdp-snitcher-button mdp-snitcher-trigger-PopupID" and the data-id="PopupID" attribute, you can trigger a popup by clicking on any element of your site, be it an image, a text block or a button.

For example:

<button class="mdp-snitcher-button mdp-snitcher-trigger-11" data-id="11"> Button Text </button>

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