How to Get API Key for Listener WordPress Plugins

The Listener is based on Azure Cognitive Service and requires your own API Key. You can get it free by following simple steps.

Please note: The Cognitive Service provides 5 audio hours free per month. If the limit is exceeded, an additional fee will be charged according to the prices.

For new users of Microsoft Azure

Step 1

Go to Microsoft Azure and press Start Free to create your account.

Create Azure free account
Step 2

Pick Create One and enter your Email and password.

Enter your the required data
Step 3

Next, you need to fill in your profile and card data as well as verify the phone number and card to work correctly with the service.

Your profile information
Enter the correct mobile number to verify it
Enter Verification code
Enter the correct card to verify it
You’re ready to start with Azure

For registered users of Microsoft Azure

Step 1

Once you have registered and configured your account correctly, you can get the required API key by following the guide. Go to Speech Services to create your deployment. Fill all the form fields.

Create your deployment
Step 2

If all fields are filled correctly, the process will be completed. Press Go to resource to see the details.

Your deployment is complete
Step 3

On the menu tab Keys and Endpoint you will see two fields with KEY 1 and KEY 2. Each of them can be used to access the Cognitive Service API.

The menu tab with Keys

Add API Key to the Listener plugin

Step 1

Visit your WordPress website Admin Panel and open the plugin settings. Go to Listener->General

Listener General Settings
Step 2

Paste the Key you got in Microsoft Azure to the API Key field

API Key settings
Step 3

Click Save Changes for the changes to take effect.

That’s all for getting the Key File. Learn more about how to Install WordPress Plugin and customize the plugin from the article Listener WordPress Plugin settings

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